SSD Humine Powder Available For Sale


Humine powder is an advanced, highly alkaline industrial detergent and cleaning agent available in a concentrated powder form. It is scientifically formulated for the effective cleaning and removal of paints from surface of any black notes.Its technically advanced industrial cleaning product that has a detergent type action, penetrating the surface film coated anti-breeze bank notes or defaced notes and mechanically

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of humine Powder in the world. Our Powder is processed using advanced technology under the supervision of experienced professionals. Our powder is free from any kind of impurities. We provide Mercury Powder that is widely used in ceramic and colorants industries. We can provide powder in both small and bulk quantities. Contact us for deface currency cleaning chemicals ranging from ssd chemicals, activation powder, injection powder, Karbal solution, humine powder deface washing machine and Technician.

SSD Humine Powder Available

We offer humine Powder. Mercury Powder and Action Powder, used for Virus Contacted Notes, any note that has contacted breeze or Virus, which has not exceed 1 Year stayed, Use Mercury Powder, Activation Powder to achieve instant success.

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